What you can expect from your Tile Meister remodeling experience

What you can expect from your Tile Meister remodeling experience

Free, no obligation estimate. 
We will come to your home or job site and after speaking with you, will take measurements.  When we return to the office, we will write up the project, have it typed and will then e-mail or mail the estimate to you.

Select your materials. 
We have the largest tile showroom in Western Colorado with hundreds of tile samples.  We also manufacture three different styles of engineered composite materials for shower walls, vanities and kitchen countertops.  We encourage you to take home samples to be certain they are appropriate in your lighting.  Once all the materials are selected, we will complete the estimate.

Schedule your job. 
After finalizing all the details of your project, we will schedule the date(s) and collect a deposit.

After receiving your deposit, we will order all your materials.  Our objective is to have everything on hand before the project begins to ensure a timely process.  This includes pulling any required permits.

Project begins. 
First order of business is demolition.  We will install a dust containment system to endeavor to control dust.  After demolition, we will begin the transformation.

Project is complete. 
After everything is installed and in working order, we will do a final cleaning of the area, leaving you with a beautiful finished project.  We will then ask you to fill out the Referral letter and send you the final invoice.

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